■Educational Goals
School Motto
■Educational Policy School Vision

◇Lively Club Activities
◇Rich School Events
◇Close Career Guidance

Educational Goals

School Motto
A Matsugaya student is:
・Reflective: He/She looks inside himself/herself and builds a strong self.
・Empathetic and Considerate: He/She understands others and is generous with his/her time and energy.
・Broad-thinking and Worldly: He/She pays attention to society and looks at the big picture.
・Appreciative of nature: He/She loves nature and values interacting with it.
・Ambitious and Idealistic: He/She seeks truth, goodness, and beauty, and always tries to improve himself/herself.

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Educational Policy
School Vision
Our school aspires to become:
・A school in which students can develop their academic ability and satisfy their own career path
・A school which promotes international understanding
・A school which facilitates the development of a well-rounded and self-sufficient student body by offering a diverse array of special events and club activities.
・A school which is rooted in the local community and responds to expectations of local residents
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Our school provides both the ‘General Course’ and ‘Foreign Language Course’. Please find the attachment to see the specific curriculum of both courses.
Our curriculum is built to target the development of each individual student. Over the three years in our school students should discover their ideal path of learning. To be specific, students in the first and second years take 31 hours per a week in order to develop solid academic capabilities. In the second year, students can take elective subjects in liberal arts and science. In the third year, students can choose subjects from a rich variety of optional subjects depending on their future career path.
In the Foreign Language Course, native-English speaking teachers conduct English conversation lessons to cultivate persons of talent who will be capable of performing on a global level.

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Lively Club Activities
Surrounded by rich nature on the hills of the Tama-district, students actively participate in various club activities such as soccer, basketball, track and field, baseball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, archery, Kendo, dance, etc. Among them, our tennis team is especially renowned, consistently ranking highly in the annual Tokyo Metropolitan Senior High School tennis tournament.
Beside those sports teams, students also enjoy cultural clubs, for example, a Japanese drum, brass band, Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement, cooking, English Speaking-Society, etc.
track and field tenns archery
Japnese drum brass band Japanese tea ceremony
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Rich School Events
Our school provides various extracurricular events such as excursions (in May), a school trip (2nd year students) and so on. In addition, students greatly enjoy participating in Sports Day (in June) and the School Festival (in September), which are organized and run by student-only Executive committees.
sport School Festival School trip
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Close Career Guidance
Most of the students are likely to go to university after graduation, while the rest go to professional schools or obtain a job. Teachers at the Career Guidance department offer close, detailed guidance to each student in cooperation with their homeroom teachers.

1772Matsugaya Hachioji-shi Tokyo 192-0354,Japan
TEL 042-676-1231 / FAX 042-675-1237

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